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Grime is still pushing forward and still coming hard. For a minute it was just bars upon bars and no real song format, making it hard for music fans to cross-over, but not so much today. The scenes regulars return here to show the new school kids just how its done. Its a great blend of the creative styles within the genre itself, Kano’s dancehall change up, Wretch’s punchline southern flow, Wiley doing er..Wiley, and Scorcher’s east coast hip hop style. Look out for Kano’s Jack Bauer 2.0 mixtape to be dropping soon.

As we move into the soon to be infamous party weekend thats ahead, I thought I’d drop a wicked track from Gracious K. The versitile UK MC has returned with something more in the vein of hip hop but still something you can cut a rug to.  You may know him from 2009’s funky house banger “Migraine Skank” or this summer’s “21 Dares“, but this time around he’s eased the tempo just enough for the folks on the wall to nod their heads to.  Free up yourself and throw your Hands in the Air

The vibes were just right that night.  The weather was warm, the sky was clear and there was a hell of show going down in Brixton!  I arrived at Hootannany just in time to grab a pint and make my way to the already packed dance floor.  The band hit the stage, done a quick tune in and we were off to the races.  Zion and the White Boys have being rocking crowds for 4 years so the dance floor was jammed with fans singing and dancing along.  From Ska, to Dancehall, to Funk, this band does it all while maintaining their signature style the entire time.  Its great to see a reggae fusion band throwing down with so much energy while having a blast on stage.  My personal favourite tunes were the reggae remixed “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics, the crowd sing along favourite “Summer Time” and the cheer up anthem “Smile”.  Check for these guys performing all over London, a band with a live show you definitely don’t wanna miss.

New era

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Bad artists copy, good artists steal. And just how I stole that quote from Banksy, who stole it from Picasso, I will continue to steal ideas from the darkest corners of my mind and push new limits with styles.  And for everyone who would rather keep me in a box and locked to one or two genres, too fucking bad.  I’ve been developing, with producer J Gully, a touch of  diverse and fore frontal sounds marinated with vintage feels and familiar grooves.  Look for the not yet titled EP to be out in November. Once thats off the ground, I’ve a got a few tricks up my sleeve which are dead set to make you break your neck on the dancefloor.  Shout out to Peace Magazine for the push.

Big ups

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I just wanted thank everyone who picked up and showed love to the fire that Militia and I dropped last week. Thanks for the shout outs, big ups, respects, downloads and hits from all the fans. And for those who are a little slow on the uptake, here’s a good breakdown of the project from Musicovered


Gappy Ranks

Posted: 20/09/2010 in Industry
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Clearly one of the best dancehall artist from UK, Gappy Ranks continues to drop bombs year after year. I first heard him a few years ago on a joint called “Trouble Ahead” while he also murked The Kray Twinz “What We Do”. He recently dropped his latest album, “Put The Stereo On” which is one of those records that you just set and let it play through. This album is a must for any serious reggae collector.