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“Wagwan cuz” may not be your typical American street greeting but for many english speaking cities its a staple. From Toronto to London and back to the Caribbean, slang words like “safe”, bruv, cousin, cozo, bredrin, dun know” are every day slogans brandished by people from all ethnic groups. Mostly due to West Indian (mostly Jamaican) immigration with traditions being held strong, these words now dominate the urban landscape and cross all colours, ethnic groups and religions. Just shows how unorganized yet organized we all are as P-Money demonstrates. Check him out this weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden alongside my boys Balkan Brigaden @ Roda Sten 1 this saturday!

“ya get me?”

Richie Sosa is no stranger when it comes to the Canadian hip hop scene. The Scarborough native brings a gritty street bravado in his delivery armed with a take no prisoners attitude on the mic. In a culture that rely’s heavily on image, Sosa shows no fear when expressing both his triumphs and tribulation through his lyrics, a quality that is rarely seen in street poets. I had the pleasure of meeting Richie Sosa a few years back right as he was releasing his “Banned From America” mixtape. Always relaxed and humble, he showed no remorse when describing the struggles of the industry while garnishing the highest optimism for it’s future. Forget being one to watch, Richie Sosa and his lyrical arsenal are one you should get to know.

DOWNLOAD: The Never Ending Beginning