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Andru The Crook has done it! You can officially blame him for ruining your friday night thanks to this House of Pain remix. The track starts off easy and builds real slow until bang, your walking to you neighbour’s house wearing nothing but socks, covering your genitals and trying to explain why your house is on fire..yes, blame it all on Andru The Crook. On the reals, its got some nice dance floor potential and I can see the massive going nuts to this one..big ups. This is the perfect track to start off the long weekend of celebrating. “Ill serve your ass like John Mcenroe”

I set in my living room bored out of my mind while waiting for some contractors to show up, so I decided to make a remix of Adele’s-“Rolling in the Deep” to pass the time.  I love Adele’s voice and the amount of soul it possess.  To me, the track has a somewhat gospel/negro spiritual vibe to it so I wanted to take those emotions of anger, hope and love and present them in a modern way.

I was recently chillin’ in an art gallery when I heard this song come on. Now I know its not a new track but its still one of those great videos where the visuals don’t add up with the song but yet somehow they do. When hearing this song or any of it’s remixes, it never sparked the idea of women getting high with heroin, but somehow it works. For hearing this track with some real bass, check out Joker’s remix of Simian Mobile Disco.

 Possibly the best mixtape for the summer? i wrong? never! Immortal Vybz has returned with a wicked mix called, Collateral Damage, which combines all of the summer sounds mixed, mashed and remixed to the mutherfuckin ground! Go ahead, take my word for it. grab the mix here and prepare to warm up any night out with this mix.