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Working with Desta on this project was a pretty dope experience.  I’ve worked behind the scenes on a bunch of mixtapes, EP’s and mix cd’s with various mc’s and deejays but this one was a bit different because I was able to bring a street element – the mixtape – to a vocalist.

As a producer, I always aim to balance an artist’s personal style with something slightly different but not too far off the wall.  Desta comes from an old school reggae & soul background so I wanted to capture that essence while creating street anthems that work well on underground dance floors.

Highlight: “Separate/Fast or Slow” – not exactly reggae or dancehall, but a combination of the two topped off with a wobble bass at 140bpm.  The idea of putting a dubplate on the back of  a standard song brings the whole track back to a raw/rave feel where there are no rules.

The end result is a one drop, hip hop, dubstep & dancehall amalgam designed to rock out your iPod or your Serato.

Desta Tsion- “One Step Forward” DOWNLOAD


The vibes were just right that night.  The weather was warm, the sky was clear and there was a hell of show going down in Brixton!  I arrived at Hootannany just in time to grab a pint and make my way to the already packed dance floor.  The band hit the stage, done a quick tune in and we were off to the races.  Zion and the White Boys have being rocking crowds for 4 years so the dance floor was jammed with fans singing and dancing along.  From Ska, to Dancehall, to Funk, this band does it all while maintaining their signature style the entire time.  Its great to see a reggae fusion band throwing down with so much energy while having a blast on stage.  My personal favourite tunes were the reggae remixed “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics, the crowd sing along favourite “Summer Time” and the cheer up anthem “Smile”.  Check for these guys performing all over London, a band with a live show you definitely don’t wanna miss.

It’s always a good vibe when you’re able to sit and work with an artist, throw together a few ideas and produce something great in the end.  The lyrics to Underneath the Moonlight have been circulating for a minute but the song never really had a beat to call its own.  With a Dancehall style foundation and R&B lyric structure, it was just needing one extra element.  With soft synths and a gentle breakdown in the middle, Underneath the Moonlight morphed into a Dancehall/RnB/Trance record all in one unified vibe.

A few spliffs being passed around, whistling frogs serenading the night and the humid air sweeping across your brow.  Those were some of the best nights I spent in Bermuda around the studio.  You name it, I did it; from the mixing board to running to the corner store, I was involved in every aspect of dubplate cutting..which to this day is best part of recording for me. I had the pleasure of meeting and learning from some of dancehall and reggae’s greats from Sean Paul to Buju Banton, Luciano to Bunny Wailer.  Theres nothing better than spending an evening in the studio working on material, making the best mix you can on the fly and hearing it getting played only hours later in the dancehall.

Music at its best, raw and unpolished but overflowing with emotion

Gappy Ranks

Posted: 20/09/2010 in Industry
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Clearly one of the best dancehall artist from UK, Gappy Ranks continues to drop bombs year after year. I first heard him a few years ago on a joint called “Trouble Ahead” while he also murked The Kray Twinz “What We Do”. He recently dropped his latest album, “Put The Stereo On” which is one of those records that you just set and let it play through. This album is a must for any serious reggae collector.

Last week my man Mista MJL linked me about doing the intro to his radio show,Radio Soundclash. I don’t know what he and his co-host Jas were thinking, but I don’t do “jingles”. I flipped a radio styled dub plate over a grime instrumental and it was a wrap! The show delivers your weekly dose of my favorite genres; Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Grime, Dancehall and Reggae. Nothing but Bass Music for Bass Culture. Check em each and every Thursday at 4 PM (Bermuda Time, 3PM EST)