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Your boys – Yaun Lee and Militia Sound Crew – are back with a banger!  A lot has happened since we released our last collab project, Take em by Surprise, in September 2010. This time, we’ve got more than just a few joints to rattle your speakers.

Guilty by Association (click through to download) is rammed with 10 tracks that are sure to have you bouncing off the walls when the beat drops.  It will also bring you some nasty looks from your neighbours.

For those of you who know me and my style, you’ll see that I’ve switched things up this time around. My flow is a little different – a bit more relaxed and nonchalant. This time around, I also focused more on setting the overall vibe rather then telling the story. I think it worked because I was able to just chill and have fun with it.

I put down 100% of the rhymes over 100% original riddms, 6 of the joints produced by me. (Tracks: 2- Hold Me Down,  3-Push, 5-Deep, 6-Do What You Want, 8-Turn it Up, 9-Guilty by Association).

As always, working with J.Gully was smooth – he always brings something fresh to the table. This time around, he eased off traditional dub sounds and brought in some minimalist post-dubstep (Tracks: 1-The Intro, 10-Out). Keep an eye out for future collabs – we’re not nearly done yet.

Richie Sosa is no stranger when it comes to the Canadian hip hop scene. The Scarborough native brings a gritty street bravado in his delivery armed with a take no prisoners attitude on the mic. In a culture that rely’s heavily on image, Sosa shows no fear when expressing both his triumphs and tribulation through his lyrics, a quality that is rarely seen in street poets. I had the pleasure of meeting Richie Sosa a few years back right as he was releasing his “Banned From America” mixtape. Always relaxed and humble, he showed no remorse when describing the struggles of the industry while garnishing the highest optimism for it’s future. Forget being one to watch, Richie Sosa and his lyrical arsenal are one you should get to know.

DOWNLOAD: The Never Ending Beginning

Jas & Jahmal are at it again with 13 tracks of boom bap vibes. When I was last in Sweden I traded lyrics with both Jas and Chop Chop in a Gully Lab studio cypher. With Jahmal delivering on the decks and in the beats, Jas delivers an old school flow over some mid 90’s feel hip hop anthems in both Swedish and English. Guest vocalist include Dr. Akula and Senor Kaos on this backpackers banger. Download

Militia Sound Crew & Yaun Lee present Take Em By Surprise Mixtape. These boys basically fired off every riddim they could think of and I responded. Here’s a versatile vocal assault over Grime, Dubstep, Dancehall and Hip Hop

 Possibly the best mixtape for the summer? i wrong? never! Immortal Vybz has returned with a wicked mix called, Collateral Damage, which combines all of the summer sounds mixed, mashed and remixed to the mutherfuckin ground! Go ahead, take my word for it. grab the mix here and prepare to warm up any night out with this mix.