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Ok its not new but come on, its dope! Emeli Sande has been on the scene for a minute lending her talents to various other projects but this track of hers is killer. Nice fast tempo drumming, soft strings and passionate upfront R&B vocals..what a good blend. A must to end the year as the feel good tracks of the week. Sit back, relax and enjoy Heaven

Come and get some Christmas cheer and no, I dont mean with ho ho hoes. (Yes, I said hoes on Christmas). I just haaaad to post that remixed version of Jingle Bells and you have to admit its pretty fresh. But on the real, after the presents, second helping of everything your eyes can see and trying out your presents, you may just straight up get a little bored.So while you surf the internet for por…fresh videos and what not, why not bump this deejay mix in the background. Guaranteed to lift your spirits. Happy Holidays Kids! Courtesy of the good folks over at Fact Magazine who probably don’t approve this message!

So here it is, with all the negative news in the world I figured I’ll do my part to counteract. Ill try my hardest to drop you weekly tracks to make you wanna get up, shake dat ass, reach further, go harder and dream bigger and this is just the right track to start. DJ Fresh has returned to bring a little bit of underground love to the mainstream. This time he has teamed up with Roc Nation signed vocalist Rita Ora to deliver well, an all around damn scorcher. Its big in the charts, big in the clubs..all around big track. High energy riddims provided by DJ Fresh while Rita’s vocals make the song, brilliant combination. Ladies, you need this in your i-pod for those new years resolution workouts. Fellas come on, you know you like the visuals. Drum and Bass is fun again and its seriously Hot Right Now

Ok forget the greatest female MC, one of the greatest MC’s period.  Easily flowing from R&B angel to Dancehall assassin, Ms Dynamite is one of the most talented people of our decade.  Her ability to release her harsh sounds with dancehall-esque precision or switch up to a gentle chorus and bridge shows just how comfortable she is in her own skin. On a personal note, she represents and delivers her music blending dancehall, hip hop, dubstep and even touches of drum and bass (this particular track), showing just how relevant she is no matter where you place her. Ms Dynamite- Neva Soft

The vibes were just right that night.  The weather was warm, the sky was clear and there was a hell of show going down in Brixton!  I arrived at Hootannany just in time to grab a pint and make my way to the already packed dance floor.  The band hit the stage, done a quick tune in and we were off to the races.  Zion and the White Boys have being rocking crowds for 4 years so the dance floor was jammed with fans singing and dancing along.  From Ska, to Dancehall, to Funk, this band does it all while maintaining their signature style the entire time.  Its great to see a reggae fusion band throwing down with so much energy while having a blast on stage.  My personal favourite tunes were the reggae remixed “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics, the crowd sing along favourite “Summer Time” and the cheer up anthem “Smile”.  Check for these guys performing all over London, a band with a live show you definitely don’t wanna miss.

Chase and Status have returned to present their new smasher, “Time”. With beautiful guest vocals from Delilah, the UK duo have conjured up a smooth soulful track propelled forward by an unforgiving Drum & Bass rhythm.  As they’ve  done with singles in the past, Chase and Status set emotions both musically and visually as the track roars in the background to an aggressive domestic scene.  The new single is due out on May 2 while their latest album, “No More Idols“, is available now.

“Wagwan cuz” may not be your typical American street greeting but for many english speaking cities its a staple. From Toronto to London and back to the Caribbean, slang words like “safe”, bruv, cousin, cozo, bredrin, dun know” are every day slogans brandished by people from all ethnic groups. Mostly due to West Indian (mostly Jamaican) immigration with traditions being held strong, these words now dominate the urban landscape and cross all colours, ethnic groups and religions. Just shows how unorganized yet organized we all are as P-Money demonstrates. Check him out this weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden alongside my boys Balkan Brigaden @ Roda Sten 1 this saturday!

“ya get me?”