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Grime is still pushing forward and still coming hard. For a minute it was just bars upon bars and no real song format, making it hard for music fans to cross-over, but not so much today. The scenes regulars return here to show the new school kids just how its done. Its a great blend of the creative styles within the genre itself, Kano’s dancehall change up, Wretch’s punchline southern flow, Wiley doing er..Wiley, and Scorcher’s east coast hip hop style. Look out for Kano’s Jack Bauer 2.0 mixtape to be dropping soon.

Get Wild

Posted: 16/09/2010 in Music
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When Kano released “Get Wild” back in May I thought to myself, “instant dance floor killer”. The track is off his latest album, Method to the Madness, and has Wiley & Aidonia bringing slick vocals to make it an all around grenade. Shout out to Boyz Noize for the heavy production as well. Here’s Kano performing @ Notting Hill Carnival 2010….what the fuck is wiff da crowd tho?