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The boys are back in action over at and they called on yours truly to lace the intro. Doing an intro is always live because its one part jingle, one part freestyle. You try to make it fun and entertaining as always, but not too lyrical or deep cause it needs to be memorable and somewhat catchy. I didn’t realize I hadn’t recorded the intro until about 2 hours before the show’s seasonal debut!! So after taking 20minutes to record it, mix and send it off I was blessed with a text message saying..”thanks, we were panicking for a minute! This is dope man” -J. Gully

Radio Soundclash- Thursdays 3pm EST

For the last few weeks the internet and the grime scene have been going nuts over the Woo Riddim, produced by SX. Every MC who can spit over a 140bpm beast has tackled this riddim and posted their tactics all over the web for the taking. Now me being me, and being infamous for not giving a fuck about trends, had no idea about the riddim until it was passed on to me by a DJ friend. All I got was an e-mail with the mp3 saying here, spit something on this. I wasn’t exactly too excited for the beat when I got it but hey a challenge is a challenge. I must say that the beat has grown on me and has turned into a scorcher in my book. This was my response to the Woo Riddim

Yu know i just had to flip something on this riddim. I’ve heard a few of the hardcore peeps sayin how Tempah changed his style up on Pass Out. I just figured fuck it, ill give the riddim some justice and burn some lyrics into it.