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Well its not exactly a new track and it’s not really a new video but taking the time out to blend them together is pretty fun and creative.  I try to bring you things away from the norm, away from the top 40 and far from the regular run of the mill.  Here is a mash up video containing Pendulum’s- Blood Sugar set to the backdrop of anime films Deathnote, Cannan and Shukugan no Shana The Movie.  Enjoy the madness and the energry, always keeping things fresh.

So here it is, with all the negative news in the world I figured I’ll do my part to counteract. Ill try my hardest to drop you weekly tracks to make you wanna get up, shake dat ass, reach further, go harder and dream bigger and this is just the right track to start. DJ Fresh has returned to bring a little bit of underground love to the mainstream. This time he has teamed up with Roc Nation signed vocalist Rita Ora to deliver well, an all around damn scorcher. Its big in the charts, big in the clubs..all around big track. High energy riddims provided by DJ Fresh while Rita’s vocals make the song, brilliant combination. Ladies, you need this in your i-pod for those new years resolution workouts. Fellas come on, you know you like the visuals. Drum and Bass is fun again and its seriously Hot Right Now

Chase and Status have returned to present their new smasher, “Time”. With beautiful guest vocals from Delilah, the UK duo have conjured up a smooth soulful track propelled forward by an unforgiving Drum & Bass rhythm.  As they’ve  done with singles in the past, Chase and Status set emotions both musically and visually as the track roars in the background to an aggressive domestic scene.  The new single is due out on May 2 while their latest album, “No More Idols“, is available now.