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A new mini EP produced between myself and MSC, “Secrets of the KGB” contains a few joints we had been working on since late 2010 to early 2011.  It was agreed these tracks needed to be shared with fans because the tracks show the progression and evolution into our current sound which will be displayed on our up-coming mixtape, “Guilty by Association.”  They don’t exactly blend with our new material but the EP definitely stands on its own with its more laid back, dubstep grooves.

Strictly for the underground…


Richie Sosa is no stranger when it comes to the Canadian hip hop scene. The Scarborough native brings a gritty street bravado in his delivery armed with a take no prisoners attitude on the mic. In a culture that rely’s heavily on image, Sosa shows no fear when expressing both his triumphs and tribulation through his lyrics, a quality that is rarely seen in street poets. I had the pleasure of meeting Richie Sosa a few years back right as he was releasing his “Banned From America” mixtape. Always relaxed and humble, he showed no remorse when describing the struggles of the industry while garnishing the highest optimism for it’s future. Forget being one to watch, Richie Sosa and his lyrical arsenal are one you should get to know.

DOWNLOAD: The Never Ending Beginning

Bermuda’s mix champions are back with another round of the heaviest dancehall tunes on the planet. Immortal Vybz, led by DJ Rusty G, return with 83 tracks of dancehall glory hosted by Elephant Man. Dancehall right now is heading full circle back to the double beat which dominated the 90’s so old school and new school fans will love this one.  New riddims include Smokin’, One Day and my favourite, Tun Up just to name a few.  Dancehall Overdose is definitely a warm up and precursor to whats gonna be shaking the dancehalls for the next few months.

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Uncut and pure as ever..Dancehall Overdose 4

“Here Comes The Dubsteppa” is a mix that was originally released last year but will remain timeless!  J-Gully steps behind the decks to bring you 30 minutes of smooth dubstep with heavy emphasis on dub(reggae) so reggae heads will love it.  With remixes of Bob Marley, Stephen/Damian Marley, Lee “Scratch” Perry teamed with production from Marcus Visionary, Lojik, Chasing Shadows and many others, this is sure to be on rotation for years to come.

Download the music, download the stress and pass it to the left…

Lady Leshurr

Posted: 26/06/2010 in Music
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Whats good people, for a minute I’ve been vibing to an MC who goes by the name Lady Leshurr. Now I first heard her rip on a track, “Where We Come From” as she was featured with Black The Ripper. She dropped her mixtape, entitled 01:21 AM, last month and I’ve had it’s tracks on rotation ever since. Don’t sleep, this LADY puts it down!

Yu know i just had to flip something on this riddim. I’ve heard a few of the hardcore peeps sayin how Tempah changed his style up on Pass Out. I just figured fuck it, ill give the riddim some justice and burn some lyrics into it.