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Gappy Ranks

Posted: 20/09/2010 in Industry
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Clearly one of the best dancehall artist from UK, Gappy Ranks continues to drop bombs year after year. I first heard him a few years ago on a joint called “Trouble Ahead” while he also murked The Kray Twinz “What We Do”. He recently dropped his latest album, “Put The Stereo On” which is one of those records that you just set and let it play through. This album is a must for any serious reggae collector.


Mind mirror

Posted: 19/09/2010 in Music
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Just as if someone were reading my thoughts, Chase and Status return on the scene with a mind wrenching video that is similar to what my cranium would cook up after one too many sips of reality. “Let You Go”-featuring Mali, is definitely something to take in. The images may not be what first comes to mind when hearing the song on its own, but boy do they compliment each other well to set the tone for a great video. Don’t we all love some depth, twists with a hint of hypocrisy?

Get Wild

Posted: 16/09/2010 in Music
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When Kano released “Get Wild” back in May I thought to myself, “instant dance floor killer”. The track is off his latest album, Method to the Madness, and has Wiley & Aidonia bringing slick vocals to make it an all around grenade. Shout out to Boyz Noize for the heavy production as well. Here’s Kano performing @ Notting Hill Carnival 2010….what the fuck is wiff da crowd tho?

Rusko’s Run

Posted: 15/09/2010 in Music
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It doesn’t get any bigger than this right now when it comes to cross-over dubstep. For anyone who’s been living under a rock or who just doesn’t get out enough, dubstep is the biggest growing genre of the times. Not to be heard through an i-pod or computer, this sub-frequency monster is best served live in the club. If you’re lucky enough, check out Rusko while he’s on tour in North America right now. His Canadian dates are set for early October and then he’s back in the UK in November.

Due to the sensory overload by the all the cool shit going on, we didn’t exactly make it to the VIP tent to hang out.  Notting Hill Carnival jumped off nice with every genre and style you could imagine.  Shame the food took bout 20 minutes…but who cares when you’re slowly becoming the spokes person for RED STRIPE BEER!