Download complete compilations (zipped) or listen track-by-track via Soundcloud:

  1. Guilty By Association, Yaun Lee & Militia Sound Crew, (2011)
  2. One Step Forward,  Deta Tsion ft.Yaun Lee (2011)
  3. Take Em By Surprise, Yaun Lee & Militia Sound Crew, (2010)
  4. Heavy Water, Yaun Lee & Immortal Vybz (2009)
  1. matt says:

    pat hooked me up with this song u guys did called shoot em’ (westside anthem) how can i get that track?

    • Yaun Lee says:

      the vocals..oh man thats a tough one. i don’t even have that track myself, I’ll try to get in contact with my man who recorded it and see if he can whip a copy up for you.

  2. Lorraine says:

    i love the video. Your vocals top great lyrics,beat, editing and camera. Great.

  3. Jae says:

    one love!! time fe linkuuup

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