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Now you know we keep it fresh round here and this video off of The Big 10 mixtape for the joint “Put Your Hands Up” is evidence of that. If you havn’t got your free download, hurry up and please do cause you’re starting 2012 off on a bad foot. Gotta love the comedy eliment of the video and come on fellas, you know we’ve all been in this position of trying to juggle a few girls in one tight ass circle. Either way the beat knocks and 50 is on his usual vibe but his flow sounds a bit more harsh, back to that early 2000’s style. As I said before, get your year started off right with “Put Your Hands Up”


It’s always a good vibe when you’re able to sit and work with an artist, throw together a few ideas and produce something great in the end.  The lyrics to Underneath the Moonlight have been circulating for a minute but the song never really had a beat to call its own.  With a Dancehall style foundation and R&B lyric structure, it was just needing one extra element.  With soft synths and a gentle breakdown in the middle, Underneath the Moonlight morphed into a Dancehall/RnB/Trance record all in one unified vibe.

Is it just me or has the entire party scene switched up over the years.  I started to take notice a few years back that there was less and less people at the bar while more and more people took to the floor.  Now mind you, I have switched hangout spots from “regular clubs”  to the more authentic “one off raves” because they have the most original, innovative and best mix of music, so that could be the reason, but I’ve noticed this new trend in Toronto, London and Madrid so far.  Also, speaking with friends in various parts of the world they’ve noticed the same pattern.  It seems to be the only people hanging at the bar or getting smashed on average are people around 30 or older..the new generation is spending more time skanking until their shoes are worn.  Now theres the argument that there are more club drugs circulating and all that but thats another topic for another day.  By no means am I saying that young folks aren’t drinking until their livers check out on vacation.  Im just noticing that there’s less people over dressed and holding up the walls with a drink and more people letting loose and having a good time with a bottle of water..As I said before it may just be where I hangout.  Just an observation and I may be wrong.

who says these kids don’t dance anymore? …not in my house

Big ups

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I just wanted thank everyone who picked up and showed love to the fire that Militia and I dropped last week. Thanks for the shout outs, big ups, respects, downloads and hits from all the fans. And for those who are a little slow on the uptake, here’s a good breakdown of the project from Musicovered


Euro Dancehall Queens

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Dancehall Queens have been doin’ their thing for like 20 plus years and boy have they evolved. When I see them representing hard for places that aren’t exactly staples for dancehall, ie Russia, Estonia, Hungary, they get an extra special two points in my book. Take a quick peak at Russia’s Dancehall Queen workin’ and twerkin’.