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Come and get some Christmas cheer and no, I dont mean with ho ho hoes. (Yes, I said hoes on Christmas). I just haaaad to post that remixed version of Jingle Bells and you have to admit its pretty fresh. But on the real, after the presents, second helping of everything your eyes can see and trying out your presents, you may just straight up get a little bored.So while you surf the internet for por…fresh videos and what not, why not bump this deejay mix in the background. Guaranteed to lift your spirits. Happy Holidays Kids! Courtesy of the good folks over at Fact Magazine who probably don’t approve this message!


Since this weekend has already kicked off with a bang for some of us, let us now motivate the rest of you to join in. Now here, we dont really push R&B too hard but we do, and always do, promote having a good-ass time. Check the vibes from Chris Brown’s after party at Diablo’s nightclube and get in the celebrating mood, you know you deserve it. We’re in this for long haul..

Its official, if you’re joining me in Bermuda this is the place where its all going down. Winter Wonderland 2012 is the event, Victoria Grill is the venue and DJ Exist is the man! Come through and bring in the new year with your feet stomping the floor, sweat dripping down your back and some absolute stranger teaching you how to Dougie! From Electro to Hip Hop, Dancehall to Dubstep and everything in between, we’ve got it locked!

Lets get Madd

Posted: 15/05/2011 in Industry
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Once again dubstep descended on Corsica Studios so of course I wasn’t too far behind.  I reached the spot about 12:30am, just enough time to order some brews, find a space on the floor and settle in for one of the best dubstep sets ever.  At about 1 am, tho I wasn’t really counting the hours, DJ Madd touched the decks and began to infuse the crowd with his signature style.  The Hungarian dub slinger’s set was one of the most versatile and dynamic Dubstep/Bass mixes I’ve heard, definitely the best of the night.  DJ Madd’s style journeys between the most minimal and bare sounds, to the more upbeat “somewhat garage” sounds all while keeping the crowd dancing without missing a beat.  Check this mix from DJ Madd to get a vibe of how he throws down in his live sets, something you should not miss.

Chase and Status have returned to present their new smasher, “Time”. With beautiful guest vocals from Delilah, the UK duo have conjured up a smooth soulful track propelled forward by an unforgiving Drum & Bass rhythm.  As they’ve  done with singles in the past, Chase and Status set emotions both musically and visually as the track roars in the background to an aggressive domestic scene.  The new single is due out on May 2 while their latest album, “No More Idols“, is available now.

What happens when you combine one of my favourite brands with French electro house gods JUSTICE’?.. one pretty dope video! A few years back ADIDAS unleashed one hell of a house party advert with the remix of the Frankie Valli’s “Begging”. Now they’ve returned with some rough around the edges electro house produced by JUSTICE! The video, directed by “Stress” creator Romain Gavras, depicts what drives us forward through our victories and our losses. This drive is the passion we have for our art, sport and life. With the track set to be released in April, bet your sweet ass its gonna be one of those summer anthems for those of us living out our dreams.