Greatest female MC of all time

Posted: 07/12/2011 in Music
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Ok forget the greatest female MC, one of the greatest MC’s period.  Easily flowing from R&B angel to Dancehall assassin, Ms Dynamite is one of the most talented people of our decade.  Her ability to release her harsh sounds with dancehall-esque precision or switch up to a gentle chorus and bridge shows just how comfortable she is in her own skin. On a personal note, she represents and delivers her music blending dancehall, hip hop, dubstep and even touches of drum and bass (this particular track), showing just how relevant she is no matter where you place her. Ms Dynamite- Neva Soft

  1. Raider says:

    Liking the blog, I was just drafting similar posts for Ms Dynamite and new DJ Fresh track! Great minds think alike! ET

    • Yaun Lee says:

      Much thanks fam, Im just a regular guy showing the masses what the mainstream radio is missing out on. Too much great music around not to share haha. Feel free to drop in and comment anytime, peace!

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