Make you mine

Posted: 06/02/2011 in Collabs
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What originally started off as a grungy hip hop instrumental quickly morphed into a melodic and dynamic RnB collaboration . Zion called me randomly from the train to explain that he was halfway to my place with his guitar and suitcase in tow; two things he’s hardly without. As we set down and talked about our musical past, different interests in music and where we want to take our respective styles, we somehow concocted Make You Mine from a few lyrics he had already started. The kid’s vocals are always soft yet extremely dynamic and unmistakable which match perfect with my gritty productions.

  1. Earlston brown says:

    My boyzzz yah doing it big!!!! Bizzle wants in on that track!! Just like old times lol

    • Yaun Lee says:

      no doubt! yeah it was good to work with him again, its been a about 5 years or so. we still have it, we locked in, wrote, recorded and mixed that bad boy in just a couple of hours.

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