Return of the Dancehall

Posted: 10/03/2010 in Industry

Friday’s event went down pretty fuckin smooth, one hell of a birthday bash for Khari. With Triple Force, Dynasty and international DJ Rusty G of Immortal Vybz in the building, the crowd couldn’t go wrong. One thing that has changed is the time of when the “bulk” of the crowd shows up. I remember when it was like 10 30-11..any later and you’re not getting in the club. Now its like 12 or later but yo, you gotta roll wit the times. The vibes were tight, mainly dropping bashment style reggae with a bit of hip hop mixed in between. One track that definitely stood out was Major Lazer’s (Diplo/Switch) “Pon De Floor”. It was surprising to see what was considered a “dance music” track being brandished in a dancehall setting, kudos to Rusty G for slippin’ it in. No fights, 2 cell phones ganked and 1 police drop in. The joint popped off nice.

Respect to exist.multimedia for launching thier site last week. Everything from photography to video and website design can all be cooked up by the crew over at exist.multimedia. As minor as a mixtape cover/flyer or full on website designed can be created, detailed and completed from anywhere in the world. Check em out and see what media projects they can cook up for you.


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