February Firestorm

Posted: 22/02/2010 in Collabs

It’s been a serious week for all the boys of Skanking Society. I spent the weekend in the studio laying some verses on a joint for a BX born MC, Finess. Definitely a high energy hip hop joint which is sure to have anyone cruising on the I-95 turning it up and flipping off the cops.

Across the pond, my label mates have had their hands busy with Balkan Brigaden releasing their Morda Dom mixtape. The mix is smooth, making it a perfect addition for any I-pod heading for the gym. Laced with the aggressive delivery of the Brigaden, the riddims stuck with the grooves of grime and dubstep. A definite big up for the Swedish dubstep scene but be warned, it’s in Swedish so get your bilinguals up kids!

On another move even further east, Militia Sound crew destroyed the air-waves of Sarajevo! Bosnia was blazing with a full mix of reggae, dubstep and good old grime. Thee exclusive mix aired on Night Bus Radio and will be available soon for download, you know Ill keep stocked with the latest.


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