Rebuilt: Bigger, Better, Bass(ier)

Posted: 19/07/2009 in Uncategorized


“Back up on my feet which means I’m back up on my grind”…

What’s good people, I know it’s been a minute but I’m back with a vengeance .  After taking the month off, I was confronted with every digital producer’s worst nightmare, having a computer crash! The crash ended up being a blessing in disguise.  I linked with my long-time friend DJ Exist who was quick to hook me up and help me get back up on my feet.  After I month of finding files, sorting out programs and plug-ins I’m finally back to business. 

Big shout out to Exist for the bumpin’ set he pulled off in Level Nightclub last Thursday.  Sweat drippin’, beer drinkin’, foot stompin’ vibes each and every time.   Midway through his set he dropped Chase and Status’ “Eastern Jam” and I thought riot control would have been called.  Having to change shirts half-way through the night was a testament to the energy in the place that night, nuff said.


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