The interview err?

Posted: 19/03/2009 in Uncategorized


For a person who is just scratching their way through the ranks of being a new artist, it’s just one annoying task after another to get your work heard.  After you’ve picked up the kids after school, helped your mate work on his car, you now have to find the time to practice that new melody, rewrite that new song or mix down that track you recorded last week.

But after weeks of fighting to get your name/work out there, your day has finally come for an interview with your local music mag or newspaper. Now you may be thinking, heres a great chance to expose my work to potential fans. Prepare to have your progress meter knocked back to zero.  No matter how great your work is or the amount of potential you have, your music is about 50 percent of what that article is going to be about.  Prepare to explain where you work during the day, answer questions about family or explain the hardest part of the music business. 

Now one can argue that these unrelated music questions are to help the reader learn more about the artist.  Bullshit, if I wanted to get to know artists better in their personal lives I would read the tabloids.  If I don’t know the band or their work, I could careless about what they do for a living or anything else personal.  If I’ve never heard of the artist, tell my why I should be listening to them- intrigue me.  And by no means am I blaming the artist, especially if it’s their first interview.  I blame the interviewer.

If their hit song is “Smokes and Stilettos”, I wanna hear about the after hour debauchery thats in the song and what influenced it. If their live shows always end with security breaking up premature riots- make me want to be there in the mix! I want to hear about what makes the artist’s work standout, why I should be running out to grab their record or see them perform. Their vocal performance is rough and in your face, the bassist has a sixth finger so he plays a bit weird, all this shit is what makes me want to learn more about the band.  Knowing what the lead singer does from 9-5 or where the drummer buys his coffee doesn’t make me interested in the music.

Interview the ARTIST not the PERSON


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