Funky house takin over the scene

Posted: 12/03/2009 in Uncategorized


“Head, Shoulders, Knees n’ Toes” is the funky house track thats been mashing up the UK music scene.  Taking a sample from my summer anthem, “Bongo Jam”, the preschoolers’ anatomy lesson got a mean makeover by K.I.G. this past autumn. 

After making ladies get down low and making “man dem” keep it sho, I didn’t think the song could get any wilder until i heard the remix!  Kardinal Offishall, who is no stranger to London, represented to the fullest for Canada while Wale made a good funky splash reppin for the U.S.  For a smoother style of the funky house genre, check out Meleka’s “Go (Crazy Cousin’s Remix)” which also utilizes the same sample from “Bongo Jam”.

Some of my personal funky house tracks are: “Jump in the middle and skank” by Play Ent and the “Day and Night (Crookers Remix)” by Kid Cudi.  I’m sure you’ve all heard the original plus the remixes of “Day and Night”, well the funky house version blows them all out of the water.  Producers of this genre to watch for in the up coming months are Apple and DJ Ironik with his “Tiny Dancer (TRC Remix)”. That “Tiny Dancer” track is going to get me arrested for noise complaints and disturbing the peace!!!

For those of you who need your funky house in the flesh, as I would recommend, check out The UKC every wed on Fusion Radio.  They’ll also be spinning this weekend, 14 March 09, @ TOI Bar in Toronto.  Respect for pushing the  scene in Toronto, Freeza Chin and Plain English!

For all my people who love their music rhythmic, bass heavy and like to leave the dance floor sweatin’, skanking to some Funky House is where you need to be. Bubbly Bubbly!

  1. Oi Yaun shout out to you fam and respect for mentioning the UKC, ya done know we are doing this ting when it comes to UK Funky (biggest music in UK right now) Garage, Dubstep and UK Grime. and every wednesday we do internet radio 11pm-1am

    We are doing up TOI BAR this Saturday for (Skankin Saturdays) so everyone come out and enjoy yourself.

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