Preparing for battle

Posted: 10/03/2009 in Uncategorized

As April fast approaches, everyone in the clash community knows that this is the time of the year to be voicing dubs. From Black Reaction to Bass Odessey, Black Uhuru to Bounty Killa. From the Stalag riddim to the Showtime, this is the most creative and innovative time of the clash scene.

As an artist, I’ve been cutting dubs myself and listening to riddims of both clash potential and clash essential. From producing to recording to writing, it was all grinded out. Most of the motivation stems from knowing that next month is clash month, World Clash, Death Before Dishonor, UK Cup Clash. So here’s the best way to keep up with future releases.

This site is a classic and still is number one for musicians. No need to be a member to view page content or pics. The automatic playlist is right there on the screen playin what you need.This is a great feature if you’re stuck on a work PC or just need that Yaun Lee fix while twiddling the BB at the bus stop.

For anyone who’s been hiding under a rock and still hasn’t grabbed the Heavy Water mixtape, you can grab a free download by clicking here. It’s also available on DatPiff where you can listen to it off the net.

For any inquiries you can reach me at


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