The DJ code of ethics

Posted: 09/03/2009 in Uncategorized

What the hell has happened to most of the DJ’s and selectors. Now I do say most because not all are guilty of committing dance floor genocide. Carpenters cut, lawyers pimp laws and doctors perform medical procedures. Once the work day is done and the hair gets let down, the spiffs get lit and the Guinness get cracked, all of these people turn to another professional for their expertise, the DJ.

Now in my opinion, and I’m bloody right, a DJ should fill at least one of three categories. 1) Break new records or artist 2) play original, custom or exclusive records 3) be a turntablist. Now if you don’t fill one of these 3 categories, you’re NOT a DJ, you’re a music collector with a mixer! I don’t give a (enter text) how smooth your mixing is, that doesn’t count and it’s a prerequisite for the job. Shout out to Flava for having the balls to break the Alaine record Spin Mi when I last saw him play!

What ever happened to banging out a few tracks in the studio to spin at the next social? Or watching the entire neighborhood’s hands get stuck in gun finger position when their resident artist got dropped. People are always saying how music is crap or how the radio plays garbage. Well I disagree, there’s tons of great artist pushing out great records. Its up to the DJ’s to give the people what they want in the clubs and on the radio. Maybe the reason why the biggest and best DJ’s/sounds are where they are because they take risks and break records.  Check the Duane Stephenson that Mighty Crown discharged at UK Cup 2008.  A Big Forward to all DJ’s and Sounds that push creativity whenever they touch the decks.

To fear innovation is to fear freedom…

  1. djbill says:

    You have no idea what real djing is…

    looks like someone pissed you off thats why you wrote crap

    • Yaun Lee says:

      Yes “DJ Bill” you’re right, I have no idea of what DJing really is…hence why the post is written from the point of view of a listener. And you are fully correct, someone did piss me off. Everyone who stands behinds decks/cd players/serato etc… without any form of creativity. Seems like I struck a nerve, but don’t worry, you’re monthly top 40 download will be ready soon and you will be ready to rock that dance floor at the next wedding.

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