Harba Fam steppin’ up

Posted: 08/03/2009 in Uncategorized


Although I am dangerous with my solo, there comes a time when I need to get back in line with the orchestra. Contrary to hater’s belief, I still bang out behind the scenes with tons of up and coming Bermudian artists, producers and DJs.

A while back, I spent some time working with Harba Fam’s KD to knock out a few tracks for his new mixtape. The kid is smooth and tells his hood stories without glorifying the negative. My damn favorite is Twisted — all about being “tapped” and on the prowl for the perfect party.
After mixing down a few joints and letting them bump from the car round de way, my man Ras Lion was stressing to hear more of KD. Hit up Harba Enterprise on Myspace and request to get Twisted in your city!


Also a big shout out to my girl Karthika! Not only was she the creative force behind the Heavy Water mixtape cover, she’s also making international headlines for her poster against human trafficking!  PDG Designs is still killin em, keep it banging.


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