Yaun Lee featured on Nothing But Talent

Posted: 05/03/2009 in Uncategorized


As I said earlier, there’s no point in blowing brass unless you’re making some noise! A trick I learned early on is to have your product ready before you even mention it. So, when my cuz Whop went stomping back through London, he had the “Heavy Water” mixtape draining the juice from the iPod.

Those of you who don’t know London, that place is no joke when it comes to the music scene. So, before he could touch de roads and talk bout my bars, he had to have the proof to back it up.

After hearing me tear a hole in a dubplate for Immortal Vybz, my man Medley over at Nothing But Talent had to see what the fuss was about across the pond. He hit up the MySpace, downloaded the mixtape and the rest is history.

Who said the kid rockin’ the recorder can’t move the crowd? Soundboys, don’t worry. I’ll link you up with a burner custom dubplate too, just link me.


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